"What was I talking about? Ah yes, someone that isn't me. How boring."


Disclaimer: Information provided below is retrieved from spoken hearsay, due to Azra's curious lack of written history. Some say the scribe who last attempted to write Azra's biography found himself eating his own pages, vaguely remembering Azra describing the deliciousness of his own secrets with a charming smile.

Born somewhere in Frael , Azra was raised by his mother. There is little known about his childhood, other than a distinct lack of a father figure in his forming years.

At some point in his adolescence he was allegedly spotted aboard the ship of Captain Amaranto Varicios of the Kraken Reach Isles , claiming to be his son. Years went by; they sailed as father and son, privateering and swashbuckling into Azra's adulthood.

At some point, Amaranto Varicios' corpse washed ashore, bloated and dead. Around this time, Azra was seen commanding Amaranto's ship as if he were captain, taking the title of Captain Azra Varicios. It should be noted that Azra does not currently seem to hold the rank of Captain, or have a crew to speak of.

The only undisputable fact known about Azra is that he is a human mage, and that he hears through and speaks to many people's ears.


Disclaimer: Below is the compiled list of rumours that have been contradicted, hold little to no proof, or have been spread by Azra himself. As such, the accuracy of these statements cannot be attested in full, near or half-truth.

  • Azra Varicios is not his birth name, but a name he took after taking command of his father's ship.
  • Azra has lived through two mutinies; one he started against his father, and another against himself.
  • He poisoned his father to take his position of captain.
  • His entire arcane library is stolen from other merchants and sailors.
  • His favourite drink is Tej, a mead-like drink native to southern Frael.
  • He is affluent, though wise enough to leave his money behind when he travels.
  • The cutlass he carries belonged to one of his parents.
  • He has eyes in Frael through beggars and merchants alike.
  • His arcane specialty is charm magic.
  • He steals clothes from corpses.
  • Has something of a god complex, if not a massive ego.
  • He has eyes, ears, and sometimes willing hands in every camp in the Vale.
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