Scy'kadia Wikia

Past the Sword Sea and the Sea Of Dawn lie lands uncharted... so say the bards and storytellers. Likewise, tales are told of portals in the Heart Of Weft which lead to bizarre realms. From time-to-time strangers arrive in Scy’kadia, claiming to hail from these fanciful locales. Though most assume they are mad, perhaps they speak the truth… after all, who can tell for certain?

Note: Each realm in Scy’kadia is inspired by well known fantasy and historical tropes. This allows players to embody, via costume and behavior, characters that could fit right in with their favorite fictional worlds or time periods whilst retaining a distinctive Scy’kadian identity. Please take the time to read up on these realms BEFORE endeavoring to create your own. Ask yourself: "What does this new realm bring to the game that doesn't already exist? What will it add for other players in the game, not just myself?" If these questions cannot be answered to admin satisfaction your realm may not be approved. This is not to stifle creativity, but to maintain cohesion and promote connections between players during gameplay.

Approved Realms Beyond (Player Made)

Valar - A small, foggy island state. Inspiration: flintlock fantasy, dawn of the blackpowder era.

Canción - Worshippers of an elemental deity called The Singer.

Heleg Necel - Located in Vylkland's Bitter North, this crystalline city is the home of sinister snow elves.