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Phnxdoll Phnxdoll 17 November 2016

Sabi Faces the Shambling Horde

Steel flashed in her hands, sunlight glinted off her horns, and Sabi the Fire Elementari stood her ground. The cursed shamblers approached.  It was as Bannin said. If they were to die, they would die with honour.  "Fire, come to my aid!" she called, hurling fireball after fireball at the encroaching horde. She would not show her fear.  Should she die, none would say she had died a coward. The bursts of flame crackled over and charred shambler after shambler, but still, they kept coming.  

Sabi could feel magic in the Weft humming with that strange resonance.  The resonance which was focused through Hrafn. Sabi, already normally a chirpy little thing, was positively hopped up on this distorted energy - and too with adrenaline and fear.  Her …

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