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"Live each day richer than the last." - Motto of the Brotherhood of the Kraken

About us

The Brotherhood of the Kraken is a collective of pirates, rogues, ex slaves and all sorts who resolved to each stand together, under the banner of the Kraken. We bow before no King nor country, and are free men and women - who have each joined the Brotherhood for one thing and one thing only. Fortune!

The Brotherhood of the Kraken follows a code - albeit rather loosely - The Brotherhood choose to enforce more serious guidelines, and may hardly enforce others. At the end of the day, the Kraken has one main object, which is summed up neatly in their adopted motto;

“Live each day richer than the last.”

Brief History

The Brotherhood of the Kraken were originally a loose group of pirates, rogues and outcasts who hailed from the Kraken Reach Isles. They were united in the worship of one giant, infernal sea creature - known only as The Kraken. As time went on this group grew - as did the Kraken's power. Soon, it's Priests gained abilities. They found themselves capable of healing and bestowing gifts (or mutations) through channeling their faith in the Kraken.

One of the Kraken's primary tenants was that of greed and freedom. The Kraken favored those who seek only to live for themselves - those of whom riches and lavish luxuries sit high on their list of desires. The Kraken - being a lover of freedom, generally frowns on all forms of slavery. As such, it is also frowned upon by those of the Brotherhood. To hold and own slaves, is something the members of the Brotherhood cannot abide. This has brought the Brotherhood into direct conflict with the slavers of greater Geth. The Brotherhood's pirates would often launch raids on plantations with slaves, attempt to disrupt slave trades and most commonly, board and liberate slave ships on the High Seas - regardless if the plunder claimed during the fact was wanting. In this regard, the Brotherhood differed from most pirates - showing the world that beyond their greed, the sailors of the Brotherhood had the capacity to be selfless. These conflicts lead to many of the freed slaves choosing to join the growing faction, which helped shape it into a wild mix of cultures, races and religions. Soon, the once religious group became something more. A faction dedicated to personal freedom, liberation and getting rich.

Many Branches of the Kraken exist, but the one located within the Guardian Vale is considered to be the branch of the Weft. It is lead by a High Council, upon which sit High Captains, Archmages, Quartermasters, and most importantly, the Deep Priests and Priestesses. It is not a requirement for these leaders (excluding the Priests) to worship the Kraken, and as such, the deity sees it's will enacted solely through it's Deep Priests.

The Guardian Vale branch - like the Brotherhood of wider Geth - is a mix of pirates, ex slaves, strays and outcasts whose path's simply led them to joining the Brotherhood.

What We Are

  • Press-Gangers - The Brotherhood is always looking for able-bodied fighters to bolster their ranks. This often leaves issues of race of little concern when recruiting. So long as you can fight, and are loyal - you are more then welcome within the Brotherhood. Mind you, this will not stop the members of the Kraken from making their eager-eyed-would-be-recruits jump through hoops to join for purposes of testing their mettle, or for their own amusement.
  • The Pirates of the Brotherhood are not afraid to speak our minds and put forward our own independence and individuality.
  • Liberators - The Brotherhood's stance on slavery is clear. We rescue slaves and take a firm stand against slavery in all it's forms.
  • We are mercenaries, and will fight for whoever pays most, also acting as guards occasionally, escorts or couriers. This does not stop us from pursing our own ends.
  • Lovers of Shenanigans, whilst this has come back to bite us in the past there's nothing more tempting than causing a little bit of trouble, mostly harmless.
  • The members of the Kraken are mostly sailors, as many have spent most of their lives at sea. Despite our love of the ocean, the allure of the treasures and geld within the Guardian Vale was far too great to ignore.
  • A family. For many members of the Brotherhood, they view each other as brothers and sisters. Bound together, not by blood, but by purpose, and the Kraken.

What We Are Not

  • Slavers - That goes against the will of the Kraken, and our code.
  • A cult - Sounds like something a cultist would say! Alas, however, while there is a Cult of the Kraken - with some members having connections with it - the Brotherhood does not answer to them in any way.
  • Just Worshippers of the Kraken - The Kraken is merely our patron, whilst some members choose to worship the deity, the majority do not worship it. They instead follow any God or Narga they see fit, or none at all.
  • Just Rogues - Among our number are healers, mages, warriors and even a bard or two, we welcome any skill set with open arms.
  • Ruinous or evil - Whilst we have been involved in some dodgy affairs and spend a lot of time with Shadow, it is merely for the geld, we are purely neutral and will go with the highest bidder.
  • Con-Artists - If you make a deal with us we aim to complete the contract to the letter. We may be thieves and criminals, but we have some sense of honor and will keep a deal unless it goes against our code.


Most of our members dress in styles popular in the Kraken Reach Isles. Granted most don’t even originate from there. Many, if not all of us wear some form of Tricorne and a coat. Decisions of outfit are, obviously, entirely up to the member - and often members choose to dress in their own unique style. No two pirates of the Brotherhood are the same!

Members clothes tend to be a combination of Krakiid styles and styles from their respective homelands. Some examples include;

  • Malkior Flameborn's style often incorporates styles popular in the lands of Lo’Quai,
  • Neyrin Dove wears Elven dresses on occasion,
  • Bunter and Kuro have some pieces of Murethi clothing mixed in with their ensembles,
  • and Cormac MacAdden wears an abundance of necklaces and rings - calling back to his Rhuu roots.

There is but one accessory that binds us - each member carries a medallion in the image of the Kraken. During 'The Split' some members snapped these medallions in two.

We are, without a doubt, the most fashionable faction in the Weft, maybe even the whole world. Some members tend to be rather obsessed about how they look (not naming names), but despite all this, we all try to keep our clothing practical and easy to fight or sail in.

The Priesthood

The Brotherhood has few healers, as the role of Priest of the Kraken is highly respected, and requires a highly dangerous ritual to become one. In order to become a Priest of the Kraken, one must have drowned, and be saved by the Kraken - if it wills it or shows mercy. Those who survive, take on the title of Priest and are granted the ability to heal through the Kraken's power. Those who undergo this process, often grow grotesque mutations on their body. Most common of which... being tentacles.

Current Members:

Deceased, Missing, Absent, and Mutinied Members:

  • Edward D'eath - Deep Priest (Deceased)
  • Kori Ryudon - High Captain and Code Keeper (Deceased)
  • Malkior Flameborn - Archmage (Absent)
  • Neyrin Dove - High Priestess (Absent)
  • Baeus (Absent)
  • Konohhric Noname (Absent)
  • Nadine Silver - Priestess (Absent)
  • Daedhro (Absent)
  • Ydaket (Mutinied)

Rumors Surrounding the Brotherhood and The Kraken

  • The Brotherhood of the Kraken is a Cult
  • The Brotherhood have a wedding business, providing the priest, venue, music and security
  • They split because of a mutineer.
  • They split because of a massive disagreement between Neyrin and Bunter - which divided the Brotherhood into two camps.
  • The Split was one big ruse to allow more flexibility in achieving goals, and double the chance of profiting.
  • The Split was to protect the combined Brotherhood from the wrath of Voice of Ruin - Luther.
  • All members of the Brotherhood are shifters
  • The Kraken is actually a greater demon or corrupted Elementari
  • The Kraken is N’rord
  • The Kraken is just a grotesque, abnormally large squid
  • The Kraken is ruinous
  • All members of the brotherhood worship the Kraken


The influences of the Brotherhood are many. They include, but are not limited too;

  • The Golden Age of Piracy
  • The Golden Age of Sail
  • Pirate Media and Fiction, including; Pirates of the Caribbean, AC4: Black Flag, AC4: Freedom Cry, Black Sails and Treasure Island
  • Voodoo witchcraft
  • Highwaymen
  • The Romani People
  • Lovecraftian Horror