"A den of inequity and excess. Worshippers of the demon lords can be found here, along with all manner of accursed items."

The Camp Of Shadow is a place where the followers of the nine Demon Lords gather. There they are free to plot and pursue whatever corrupt whim their hearts desire. Though considered a dangerous locale, inhabited by feral brutes and treacherous witches, the camp calls to those in search of the ultimate freedom Ruinous power promises...

The Demon Lords themselves are represented in the flesh by a prophet called The Voice of Ruin; the current voice being Kor'ran'oyss. Through his unearthly revelations, dedicated cultists of the Narga can glean the wishes of their chosen demonic master or mistress, making it easier to gain favor and rewards via the accomplishment of diabolical tasks.

Vendors of Accursed Items are found almost exclusively within this camp.

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