"It is it is a glorious thing to be a Pirate King!"


A brightly coloured pirate bedecked in shiny trinkets and gold jewellery, Casarn is hard to miss in a crowd. He wears a painted eyepatch over his right eye and souvenirs from all over Scy'kadia hang from his hair and clothes. Cas keeps his hair as vibrant as the rest of him, and his face is painted with vivid warpaint. In battle, he wields a small buckler and cutlass, though be wary not to find yourself at the wrong end of his flintlock pistol or numerous knives (seriously, who let him have that many knives?).


Chaotic Neutral. A happy go lucky rogue who never holds a grudge, Casarn loves to use his idiotic wit to weasel out of situations he probably talked himself into in the first place. But don't let his goofy demeanor fool you - Cas is light with his fingers and quick with a knife, and one can never be certain where his loyalties lie.


Casarn is quite private about his time spent outside of Guardian Vale, instead preferring to share fantastical tales about daring adventures that may or may not have actually happened.

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Cas hails from the Kraken Reach Isles, spending his early years aboard The Briny Calliope, a pirate ship that mysteriously vanished several years ago. Casarn claims to be the only survivor, seeking answers to the disappearance in Guardian Vale. It soon became clear that no answers were to be found, and Cas settled in to his life in the Weft, co-founding The Scruffians and proposing marriage to the Taverner (who accepted out of true love, and definitely not to make Cas leave him alone).

Casarn eventually left Guardian Vale for a time, seeking adventure throughout the Mortal Realms. He found great wealth and fortune on his escapades abroad, becoming the captain of The Ondyne and the Grand Corsair of his own fleet before getting bored and orchestrating his own mutiny. Some say he made a deal with a demon to achieve his success so quickly, others think him blessed by Rilien or the Twins, though most believe he simply conned his way to the top before realising he was out of his depth.

Cas returned home once more to Guardian Vale and, finding a vacant throne, anointed himself the Pirate King, leader of The Clan. However, friend and foe alike quickly noticed something strange about Casarn since his return. He's missing time, pointed fangs protrude from his mouth, his charming grin seems a little too Charming. And then of course, there's his new habit of ripping his fellow adventurers to shreds with his bare hands.



  • Casarn plays a djembe drum (though not necessarily well)
  • His favourite drink is Krakiid spiced rum
  • Casarn is transgender


  • He knows a swear word in every language (excluding local dialects)
  • Casarn is a shifter
  • Casarn is a vampire
  • Casarn is possessed by a lesser demon
  • Casarn died over a hundred times in the time loop of the 33rd of Felling, 651MR
  • Casarn became Undead in the time loop
  • Casarn lost his eye because:
    • He lost a bet with a gnome
    • He tossed a coin too hard
    • He tripped into a rose bush
    • He fell on a cambion
    • He cut it out as a dare
    • He walked in front of someone practicing their knife-throwing
    • It got poked out by a Kraken's tentacle
    • It got poked out by a Brotherhood of the Kraken member's tentacle
    • It fell out
    • He sneezed too hard
    • He cut some onions with a little too much enthusiasm
    • Having two eyes is simply Too Many Eyes
    • It's a long story, but it involves a goat, someone who can play the trumpet, and three sponges


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