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"Bound by blood, bound by iron."

The Warband

Clan Ravnulv is a Warband of Vylklanders, hailing from the ice-swept Northern Kingdom of Ravnulv, along Vylkland's Western Coast. Led by drengrs, seers, jarlsons and an Odlingr, the faction itself is a band of vikingrs hailing from the different Jarldoms, Chiefdoms, and towns of Ravnulv. All of whom dedicated to Geld, kinship, brotherhood and most importantly, their kingdom.

Clan Ravnulv within the Weft represent the Kingdom of Ravnulv as a whole. In truth, only one individual within the Clan is actually apart of 'Clan Ravnulv' (the ruling clan) itself. That individual is Jorlund Angjeger, an Odlingr (prince) of Ravnulv. Others within the warband hail from different parts of the kingdom, or beyond Vylkland.

The Warband are considered relatively honourable folk, as honourable as raiding vikingrs could be. They are true to their word - and abhor underhand tactics. When Ravnulv gives their word, they keep it.

Most, if not all, of its members worship and give thanks to the Greater Gods. Whether that be Balrof, Fundun, or all. Though they make it plain that they are not blind zealots. The Warband is considered Neutral-Good

The Kingdom of Ravnulv

While most, if not all of Ravnulv's warriors are Vylklanders, not all hail from Ravnulv itself. Along the Western Coast of the frozen lands of Vylkland, lies the Kingdom of Ravnulv. Ruled by King Valken "Skjoldhånd" Jötrenssen, and multiple Jarls, this realm stands as one of the few examples of successful Vylkish Kingdoms. More indepth information about the lands of Ravnulv, its people, its Jarldoms, cities and towns, and its history can be found here; Ravnulv.

Map of Ravnulv by Glenn Culhane

The Warriors of Ravnulv

Within the Guardian Vale, Ravnulv is led by four Vikingrs, each representing a different part of Ravnulv.

  • The Odlingr, Jorlund Angjeger
  • The Seer, Ravinn Isenhorn
  • The Jarlson, Hjalmar Stormskjul
  • The Outlander, Halladan Hedrlig

Following these warriors, comes the 'Sworn' of the Warband. Warriors who have proved themselves, and shown loyal to Clan Ravnulv. The Current Sworn of Ravnulv are:

  • Vitomir Rurikidi

Finally, there are the fresh blood of Clan Ravnulv. Those new to the faction, those who have yet to prove themselves. The Current warriors of Ravnulv are:

  • Siv H'rath
  • Yuri Kezemir
  • Egil Hjerte-Spissen
  • Zelrin
  • Rjdar Stormrson