Captain Cormac John MacAdden

"Having titles fools people into thinking you're important." Cormac, discussing titles with a stranger.

"We, all of us, are a crew. And as it is aboard a ship, each member of the crew has an important role to play. Captain, boatswain, et cetera... So, I propose a new role for our Brotherhood..." Cormac, beginning to present an idea to the crew of the Kraken.


Captain Cormac John MacAdden, is a human male, born to the pirate captain Edward MacAdden, and his wife, Henrietta. Cormac is of Rhuu-Arkhosian descent, but was born and raised aboard ships - First, The Beholden Martyr, and second, The Royal de Kree - whilst his father plied his trade of high seas Piracy. He is currently Captain of the Brigantine, the Banshee.

Cormac is a tall, light-skinned man with dark-brown hair. His most notable features are his large nose, blue eyes, and scar which crosses over his left eye - presumably caused by a dagger of some sort. Cormac's attire ranges from a simple flat-brimmed hat, paired along with an ensemble of poncho or coat, gunbelts loaded with flintlocks, and a neckerchief, to an outfit which calls back to the man's nautical roots, consisting of a dark highwayman's coat, a feather adorned cocked hat, and a rough burgundy sash.

By the color of the majority of Cormac's clothing it is clear he favors darks, reds and tans as his colors of choice.


  • Edward MacAdden (Father)
  • Henrietta MacAdden (Mother)

The Ship

The ship that claimed the Royal de Kree was, in-turn, claimed by it’s captain - Cormac. The Brigantine, a pirate ship known as the Hounded Princess, and its crew had almost won the day. But they were ultimately bested by Cormac, with the help of his men, and the sacrifice of most. These enemy pirate each paid the ultimate price. Now, their corpses hang as a warning from the masts of the wrecked Royal de Kree.

Cormac and his men salvaged most of what was aboard the Royal de Kree, then converted and repaired the Hound into something they deemed worthy of them. Replaced the cannons, sails and figurehead with those from the Royal de Kree.

To sum up, the Brigantine bolstered a total of twenty-two broadside 12-pounders, two bow mortars, two bow chasers, and two stern chasers. It also had a pair of swivel guns located on the railing of the poop deck. It flew the same flag as the de Kree, and bore the same Burgundy sails. The crew of the ship roughly amounts to 61 pirates. The figurehead shared that of the De Kree; a dark-haired mermaid, who extends her right arm forward, pistol in hand. In her left hand she clutches a human skull to her breast.

Cormac’s final addition to his new home, was to rename it - something a little more fearsome then ‘The Hounded Princess’... He called it ‘The Banshee’. The Banshee is currently believed to be anchored aside the wreck of the De Kree and it’s camp, Kree’s Vigil.

As for the nameplate of the Hounded Princess. He had it attached to another plank of wood with some added writing. “The crew of the Hounded Princess”. He hung that around the neck of the Captain of the Hounded Princess, before hanging him off the bow of the Royal de Kree.

Cormac's flag for the Banshee had been heavily altered from that of his father's; although it's clear to see that Cormac's was built upon it. Both flags depict a skull, with tentacles weaving out from behind. A shade of orange was the color of the tentacles on Edward's flag, while red were the ones on Cormac's. The tentacles and skull are the only similarities between the two flags.

Edward's flag is rather bare bones, with the only addition being a crown atop the skull.

While Cormac's flag features two cutlasses - above and below - as well as a bleeding heart, with the initials 'HM' inscribed on it. Curiously, the skull on Cormac's flag has a scar going over it's left eye; mirroring Cormac himself.

The Brotherhood of the Kraken

Cormac joined the Brotherhood within the year he first arrived in the Weft - which was back in 647MR. A lot of time has passed since those days, and now Cormac is considered to be a veteran amongst his brothers and sisters in the Kraken. Cormac is said to have witnessed the deaths and disappearances of many of his brethren - including some of the Brotherhood's leadership. Recently, it seems, Cormac may have become a part of said leadership - in the role of Quartermaster and Keeper of the Code.


  • Cormac took part in the Grand Eel Chase alongside his father at a young age.
  • Cormac’s middle name is actually James.
  • Cormac’s middle name is actually Jacques.
  • Cormac is referred to as Jack by his crew.
  • Cormac despises the High Captains of the Brotherhood, and wants to usurp them.
  • Cormac 'owns' three ships, The Royal de Kree, and the Banshee and an unknown third vessel. Making him a de-facto Grand Corsair.
  • Cormac cares only for himself.
  • Cormac has a dog named Davy.
  • Cormac had a son.
  • Cormac despises those within light and shadow camp - nothing worse then a fanatic.
  • Cormac is a sociopath, and has little regard for the lives of those he 'cares' about.
  • Cormac killed his father.
  • Cormac's father was executed by the Hollanders.
  • Cormac has escaped from the Hollander's prison.
  • Cormac's facial scar is responsible for his missing eye.
  • Cormac's facial scar is completely unrelated to his missing eye.
  • Cormac loves the Brotherhood as though they were family.
  • Cormac is now the Quartermaster of the Brotherhood of the Kraken
  • Cormac has the loyalty and confidence of one particular Brotherhood member, who has pledged to defend and fight for the man.


Here is some character inspiration used to shape and mold Cormac into what he is today. Cormac's character is meant to resemble pirates in media that are portrayed as being 'more serious', and have a far more realistic take on their personalities and characters, as opposed to something you'd see in Pirates of the Caribbean.

Alas, I give you his inspiration;

  • Edward Kenway; Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag
  • Charles Vane; Black Sails
  • Jack Rackham; Black Sails
  • John Silver; Black Sails
  • Mr. Gates; Black Sails
  • Captain Flint; Black Sails
  • Edward Teach (Blackbeard); Black Sails + Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag
  • Sean MacGuire; Red Dead Redemption 2


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