"Then die, and take your self-righteousness to Ruin with you."

Correlius Adkarus is a former smuggler from Mureth, having fled for unknown reasons. Since his arrival mid-Rime in 649MR, he has fallen in with the inquisitive likes of the Circle, and was one of the founding members of their fledgeling Spellguard.


One's first impression of Correlius is as a simple, untrustworthy man; words that are not without some kernel of truth to them. He is self-serving, rabid in his hold on what little power he can gain, and with a history of smuggling and fencing. By his own admission, he is a man who provides little incentive to trust. One would not expect to find him within the ranks of the Circle, let alone as a founding member of their warrior-scholars. His arrival in the Vale was met with pestilence and the upheaval of terrible, Ruinous power, and one could say that the experience of facing such powerful forces clashing before him has changed him - but whether it is for the better is yet to be seen.

He has a keen understanding of power, and how it influences people, but also how it can be a flickering, ephemeral thing; a trick, a shadow on the wall. Beyond his past influences, however, his time in the Weft seems to be teaching him the impact of selflessness and the value of loyalty - not to say that such impacts leave a positive impression. He has taken an affectation towards the Mircea Rhuu that accompany the Circle since his arrival, a development perhaps attributed to the events of their initial arrival in the Weft, a crucible that tempered them both.


Early Life

Born to a family among the Mureth docks, Correlius found no pride in following the humble purposes of his fishmonger father or wainwright mother, and at an early age turned to petty crime to satisfy himself. His passable education, earned through years of work by his parents, afforded him a practical edge, and he swiftly rose from mule to fence, developing a small amount of notoriety and trust among the petty criminals of the docks, but became an agent for a larger cartel once his reputation outgrew his subtlety.

With his parents taken by a fever, Correlius grew rash and bold with his activities. After some time and a hitherto unexplained incident, it became apparent that Mureth was no longer a haven for him, and he fled with little more than a torn gambeson, a rusted elven sword, and his hidden pockets. With no other place to go, he followed rumours of riches and wild success, and headed Weftward. Along the road he chanced upon a fellow wanderer, a Vylklander by the name of Lowren, and by posing as a mercenary he earned a travelling companion on his journey to the Guardian Vale.

In The Weft

Correlius Adkarus arrived in the Guardian Vale amid a turbulent time - a plague had washed over another cabal of arrivals in the Vale, a collection of Mircea Rhuu, and he and his travelling partner, were caught up in the madness. Infected with the plague himself while trying to assist Vyrion and Doctor Latchkey with a cure, he found himself relying on the altruism of strangers to save him from death. Once cured by the combined efforts of the Circle, Light Camp, and the Mircea, he joined the motley alliance in a large-scale battle against Shadow Camp and their Voice of Ruin, Luther, witnessing as he vanished from the battlefield, but not before beholding the power wielded by the avatar of the Narga.

In the weeks following that fateful day, Correlius camped with the Circle, trying to gather his bearings after a tumultuous arrival. He swiftly made a fast friend in Lethe, a mercenary working for the local University, and at the behest of Vyrion, current leader of the Circle, formed the Spellguard with his new companion and a small collection of other aspirants. With a new haven, Correlius has settled into life in the Weft with what small amount of grace one can have in such a wild and chaotic land.

Despite all this, one gets the sense that he is unsatisfied with his current lot. He chews at the bit as the confines of the Spellguard grow tighter, and it takes no savant to see he does not belong amid their number. His paranoid caution belies secrets kept, but whether a disgraced smuggler has anything worth sharing is yet to be determined.


Name Description
Vyrion Guiding influence upon the Circle, Vyrion was the one who encouraged Correlius to remain with the circle, despite his lacking enthusiasm towards sorcery or study. With the Sundering of the Gathered, Correlius' link with the Circle is fragile at best, his trust and faith shaken by the dark sorcery turned against him.
Lowren Correlius' former travelling companion, with who he first entered the Weft with. She has since departed for Vylkland, returning home with the secret of Beastbane to provide succor for her clan's wolfen members.
Lethe His first friend in the Weft itself, now his fellow Spellguard and acting commander. The two have a friendly relationship, though Correlius is known to knock heads with the Arkhosian knight over leadership decisions.
Eucalyphis A stranger from a strange land, Eucalyphis and Correlius possessed an oddly cooperative relationship, but a tense undercurrent always persisted throughout their interactions. Even in the wake of her passing, Correlius speaks little of her nature, though whether this is out of respect or tact is unknown.
Ignit Arriving in the Weft following existential danger, the spry halfling was met with concern and protectiveness. It is abundantly obvious that Correlius shows a far more vulnerable side to the halfling conduit. Does the man have a soft spot for children? Or is it something about this child in particular?


Correlius, enjoying philosophical banter.

Correlius has spent only a fledgeling time in the Guardian Vale, and has yet to develop a reputation and the rumours that accompany such. However, hearsay still flies, and those among the Circle's number have grown their own suspicions.

  • Word is that Correlius was chased out of Mureth by a former employer, bitter about an act of rebellion.
  • Alternatively, he was suspected of being a shifter, and forced to flee with no means to clear his name.
  • Given his background, it is not impossible to believe he had too many run-ins with the Murethi spellswords.
  • Some like to entertain that Correlius bore a flame for his companion, Lowren, before she departed the Weft.
  • He and Lethe are planning an usurpation of the Circle, though such claims are the highest falsehoods.
  • Other twisted fools suspect the only target of a coup would be Lethe himself, a worse offense.
  • Perhaps he has even discerned the true nature of Vyrion - but does he truly look smart enough?
  • One poor fool suggested he is J'ov's spy, trading information in exchange for a cure to a mystery affliction.
  • For the life of him, he cannot hold his liquor.
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