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"Salutations and hello! I assume you need my services . . . ?"

Dee Ursang is the aspiring marksman who wanders about the Guardian Vale, looking for coin, work, and most importantly direction in his life. You'll find him around and about doing odd jobs here and there for anyone who'll pay him even the smallest amount of cash, while learning more about the enigma that is the Guardian Vale.

Class Level Date of Progression
T1 Thief 6/11/2021
T2 Thief Unachieved.
T3 Thief Unachieved.

Please do note that I still need to flesh out this character, and using this to plan him :\\\\\



"You would not BELIEVE how stupid and unfashionable a jester outfit looks AND feels when you're wearing one!"

(Some of these details may not be included in the final version of this character.)

Dee is a young lad with dark brown hair and eyes that match the lustre of his mop. His face in its neutral state is frowny and stern, and will stay that way until he beams you a smile. Typically, he'd wear a simple long sleeved top and some dark pants with white puttees for better movement, perfect gear for any novice adventurer!

He tows around a peculiar rifle that has an unconventional grip. Despite being a display piece for someone noble, he uses it perfectly fine as a marksman's weapon...

Personality Traits

"Times are rough, and ends must be met. . . Wait what? They aren't?"

Lawful Neutral. Dee is no means your playbook rogue who'd steal and maim for money and cash. He'd rather try and work under the law to gain material wealth. Whether this be odd-jobs, quests, caravanning and deliveries, he'll take it. Don't get him wrong though, he isn't above crime...

Typically optimistic in nature, Dee's first goal when meeting people is establishing ties and relationships, then material gain second. He's opposed to things that he may consider "un-unchivalrous" (whatever the hell that means,) and will do so with an unusual vigour. Inspired by tales of chivalry, he's happy to learn of the great cultures and people of the world . . . That is, if his memory does not impede his learning.

Character Traits

  • Wary of speaking of his background and history.
  • Risk-averse without gain.
  • Gambling addiction. Refuses to refuse a bet.


Pre-Guardian Vale

Deep deep past.
Following his stowaway onto a merchant ship, it was soon captured and pillaged by Vylkland pirates roaming the high seas in a mighty sloop. Fortunately, his barrel, mistaken for something valuable, was taken in by the pirates. He was promptly found out, and worked to the bone as a janitor and entertainer on the ship, having still worn the jester outfit. Fed up with the state of things, he nicked a rifle of Lo'Quai design before hiding in another barrel full of lemons before the same pirate ship was attacked and sunken by a Mureth Frigate patrolling the ocean. His barrel floated the seas for two days and two nights before finding the coast of the Thunder Peaks and going downstream and when he finally run-aground, he found himself in a large lake near the Guardian Vale. He spent the next 4 days dehydrated and almost malnourished if it weren't for the lemons he ate until finding himself at the Blinded Boar, and ordering a drink of water.


  • It is said that in his past life, he was a jester who hails from Arkhos.
  • There is a specific number of coin you can offer him, which he will work for irregardless of the job.