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Monster-Hunting Spellsword

Dorian, was a human monster hunter, born to Vylkish parents in the year 459MR. Dorian grew up in a small town in Vylkland, before being taken to Fort Kaeylan by a monster Hunter to become a member of the Order of Silver.

Dorian was a tall, brown haired man with amber, cat-like eyes. He was said to be a deceptively kind natured individual, often doing his best to help good folk out whenever he could.

Dorian, due to his position in the Order of Silver, had undergone the Knighting of Argent.


Dorian wore a green Vylkish tunic, with baggy brown pants secured using leg-wraps. He had two pieces of fur, which he tied to different places on his body to suit his needs. Dorian carried a True-Silvered sword that he uses to hunt and eliminate monsters.

The Order of Silver

The Order of Silver, is the faction of which Dorian was the Grandmaster of. He joined at a young age, and was trained and educated by its members.


The following are rumors that surrounded Dorian. They may, or may not be true:

  • Dorian hates everything that isn't human
  • Dorian doesn't show mercy when dealing with monsters, and kills them on sight. This includes shifters.
  • Dorian does not wish shifters harm when they aren’t shifted.
  • Dorian hunts dangerous monsters.
  • Dorian worships the Hunt
  • Dorian is Grandmaster of The Order of Silver
  • Dorian isn't human.
  • Dorian underwent an alchemical experiment, and as a result lived to be over a hundred years old.
  • Should the previous be true, Dorian was a veteran of the Pharidae War.
  • Dorian hides a burning hatred of shifters & undead, to lure the ones he meets into a false sense of security.