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"Please don't kill me"


An average sized halfling teen. Ignit can usually be seen running around the weft delivering messages and generally causing the harmless kind of chaos.

General information

Ignit is a small halfling mage who just really wants to help everyone however they can! They know the spell vanish, although they're prone to accidentally vanishing when frightened. They travelled from Mureth to the Weft, reportedly to earn money for their family, and gain knowledge.

Ignit's mouth often runs ahead of them, and they're bad at telling lies, wearing their heart on their sleeve. Ignit tries to keep secrets, but more than one person has found out something they weren't meant to due to Ignit's enthusiasm and tendency to trust a little too easily.

Past activity in the Weft

Ignit arrived in the Weft a terrified teen, unable to even hold a sword, out of fear. Through making friends and joining the Circle, they slowly gained confidence and started showing a more playful, mischievous side, delighting in small harmless pranks.

Recent activity in the Weft

After a bit of a kerfuffle, Ignit now spends their time around the circle, avoiding any and all members of Shadow


  • "Screech"
  • "I mean, shadow's a bit scary, but Echo's a really nice person!'


  • They are close with Shadow camp
  • They worship Voy'himloc
  • They will do anything for information
  • They have dabbled in ruinous magic
  • They eat soap
  • They make soap soup
  • They are actually a flesh coloured goblin
  • They ran away from home because of their magic
  • They are the high priest and champion of the coffee deity, Baristara


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