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Jorlund Valkensen



“ It’s not every day a prince sullies his hands, but for you I make a Royal Exception!”

Jorlund ‘Angjeger’ Valkensen is the Prince of Ravnulv, which hails on the western coast of Vylkland. As a prince of a kingdom he has many duties, some of which he likes to ignore to pursue his love of adventure and and battle. This came to a halt when war broke out between his kingdom. Now, battle hardened and ready for action, He travels with his wandering warband, a group of Vikings and Drengrs who are known as Clan Ravnulv.

Jorlund ‘Angjeger’ as well as the rest of Clan Ravnulv have made their way to the weft, for its great treasures and magic, traders and more importantly, geld. Jorlund along with his trusted kinsmen have been slowly growing their warband with wandering Drengrs from Vylkand ever since stepping foot into the Weft, and continue to do so.


  • "You talk tough, I look forward to seeing you humbled when nightfall comes.” Jorlund states to Elspeth in the afternoon winter of Vylkland’s wilderness.
  • “We are bound by our blades, not by our blood my friend.” Jorlund states to Siv when they meet again after 3 years.


• Jorlund was the last to see Karissa Tyberon before her disappearance.

• Jorlund achieved the title ‘Angjeger’ after felling numerous shifters of the Brannjørn Clan for the vengeance of his deceased mother.

• Jorlund was once known as ‘Bjorn’ in the Weft.

Player Glenn Culhane