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"I'm just a Bard!"

Neyrin Dove was a Half-elf, Healer, Deep Priestess of the Kraken, proud Bard and High Captain of the Brotherhood of the Kraken. She was in the Guardian Vale on and off for Several years before declaring her wish to never return and storming off towards the coast, reportedly walking straight into the ocean and never returning.

Known to be from both Green Fang Forest and Kraken reach isles, she spent most of her days in the Vale terrorising people in her own special way, threatening and bargaining as she goes. She had a particular grudge against Light as a previous sentinel drove her to claw her own eyes out. She respected Shadow as a powerful player, and a real threat, but nothing more.

Neyrin with her Fellow Deep priest and High Captain Kuro


Neyrin carried a some sort of instrument with her at all times and a Quarterstaff she used to guide her path. She dressed in classic pirate style however her coat had tentacles representing her Patron, she wore a black tricorn and lots of jewelry. Her hair was bright red and her eyes were milky white blind, sometimes you could see blue tentacles in her hair if you looked at it from the right angle. She always wore a metal gorget around her neck

Abilities Neyrin was a 2nd tier Healer and used her Ukelele or Mandolin to inspire her Brothers every so often. she also had some skill as an assassin thanks to training from Kori.


She is a worshipper of Trachor

She works for Luther, the old Voice

She is Togen's best friend

A rainbow pirate came and stole her eyes

She is a member of the cult of the Kraken

She is the Kraken

She summoned the Kraken once in the Guardian Vale


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