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Crest of the Ordo Magister "No toll too steep, no cost too great"

Originally from the far flung regions of the outer reaches of Arkhos, the Ordo Magister was considered a highly radical but effective force in combating renegade mages that strayed from under the watchful eyes of the War-Wizard Academy.

For them no option was considered too extreme. Taking the weapons of the enemy and turning them back upon the foe, they used the very magic they swore to hunt down to eradicate wild-mages and apostates alike which made them useful, if unpredictable allies.

The toll on the Magisters was great, many of their numbers succumbed to the darkness in full and were hunted down by their former brethren.

This blatant hypocrisy didn’t go unnoticed of course, and the Order was soon called to judgement. The Magisters considered themselves martyrs, taking it upon themselves to bear these sinful weapons to fight for the greater good. The public however viewed them as monsters and the order was officially buried, all records expunged and the remaining members faded into obscurity.

The Order barely survives. Poor funding and terrible public opinion attract few recruits, and those that do make it inevitably either leave or die due to the dangers inherent to their duties. Logistical problems stretch their resources dangerously thin.

A small stronghold still exists, reports flitting back and forth from their parapets. Though forced into hiding, the Magisters have not left their posts. They fulfill their orders as surely now as they did back then, tempered by their pasts.

A handful of the Order have been sent to the Weft in order to scout the regions and report back, though in a weird stroke of bureaucracy, no actual Magister-Knights were sent, only a handful of Sergeants, scouts and their retinue…


Martyrdom: Give your absolute being to the cause.

Reluctant Heroes: Defend a world that vilifies your existence.

Duality: Tread the dangerous paths between light and shadow.


Alten Lawman: Scout Sergeant of Ordo Magister's expeditionary force, what he lacks in magical talent he makes up for with a blatant disregard for his personal safety, a knack for not asking questions and the ability to read and write which makes him an indispensable tool for the Order.

Theris: Alten's mysterious companion.

Sin/Xin?: Mysterious assassin that has recently travelled to the Weft

Magister Lowenherz (NPC): Alten's mentor, a full-fledged Magister who is in written correspondence with the Weft Expeditionary Force. Magister Lowenherz often fawns upon his hard working (if lower-class) subordinates, offering sage advice, harsh rhetoric and tokens of gratitude in equal measure.

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