Below is a list of characters, each portrayed by a player you might meet at our events. The purpose of presenting them here is to inspire and to assist in the forming of factions. As mentioned on our home page some entries may contain non-canon material. If you spot text that contradicts established lore, treat it as probably false or the ravings of a lunatic. Also be aware that this list is by no means complete, as many players prefer to have newcomers discover their character in-game.

Adding characters to this list is easy, and all players should feel free to do so. Please do NOT add characters that are yet to physically attend our games. For more information see editing the wiki. There is also a Character Bio Template. You don't have to use it, but it is recommended. See below for guidelines and help on updating the table.

Please refer to our Character Creation Tips page for admin guidance on how to create an engaging character for both yourself and the rest of our players.

NOTE: Once you have added information about your character, it becomes public knowledge. To avoid in-game bleed, please restrict said information to only that which another character could reasonably overhear or discover. Let players learn your character's secrets during play (not online).

Participant Characters

Character Species Faction Camp Player
Aesombra Felsoul Undead
Aharon Undead Tavern Town Aaron Abundo
Alaric Fiore Human David Critchley
Albrecht Undead
Alexius Nephilim
Angraath Firedrake Human Valar Reborn Adrian Magi-Sorge
Archa Feylon Small Folk The Agrarian Fellowship Bertie C
Arieanna Blackhammer Human Eleanor Clarke
Agarlithan Yadal Adaman Human The Eastwick brotherhood Riley Mitchell
Athanasius Half-Elf New Dawn Camp Of Light Giulio Ragusa
Azra Human Gabriel Aloisio
Bannin Elementari
Bard Human Jay Kanashimi
Blaarg Orc
Broker Human Joseph Loria
Casarn Greenleif Human The Clan Addie Fowler - Admin
Cassius Crown Undead Camp Of Light Adrian Brem
Cataclysm Undead Brotherhood of the Kraken Alexander Higham
Charybdis Elementari Bertie C
Claire Nuire Human
Cormac MacAdden Human Brotherhood of the Kraken Caleb Lennane
Coral Elementari Becky Anlezark
Correlius Adkarus Human The Spellguard The Circle Joel M.
Darmon Human Valar Reborn Josiah Broome
Decimus Human
Deimos Shifter
Diego Buenaventura Human
Dillia Baleyfayr Dwarf
Dominique Jacob Human
Dorian Human The Order of Silver Caleb Lennane
Echo Elf The Coven Camp of Shadow Leo Tomossy
Elemmire Dark Elf Eleanor Clarke
Eucalyphis Elementari The Circle Alex Lewis
Fi'ella San Shifter Camp Of Shadow Becky Anlezark
Galanath Duskbringer Half Breeds
Gell Human
Gideon Other Camp Of Shadow Lyn - Admin
Gromm Orc
Gustavo Moore Human
Sir Hallard of Kesfort Human Raven Company Mark
Ignit Tailorsmith Small Folk Anwyn White
Ifer Cambion Nathan Passau
Illir Elf Nathan - Admin
Ivan Shifter Brae Clarke
Jo'v Human Tavern Town Chris Price - Admin
Johnathan 'Beetle' Cain Human
Johnothan Darkwater Half-Elf The Centurions Braden Phillips
Julianus Chevert Human Raven Company Dylan McCarthy
Kaiz Human
Karma Elementari
Keft Undead
Korran The Black Thorns Justin Franks
Laelynn Undead Brae Clarke
Lavender Teloiv Human Percival Jr Relucio
Lilith Cambion Camp Of Shadow Laura Hockley
Luther Unknown Archer W.
Marasmiellus Elementari AJ Chipperfield
Mim Human
Mortimus Human
Nagrom Orc Camp Of Shadow Cayde Fowler
Neyrin Dove Half Breeds Brotherhood of the Kraken Tavern Town Becky Anlezark
Per Günnar Idríksén Nephilim Brotherhood of the Kraken The Clan Steven Lyons
Pip Elementari The Clan Bee
Nox Shadow Ellie F
Sir Randal Blackmont Human Raven Company
Ratfink Small Folk Camp Of Shadow Arnold Walsh
Rose Vaugn Shifter Brotherhood of the Kraken Brae Clarke
Ryler Kyr Human Camp of Light Linden Wakely
Sabi Elementari
Sammael Cambion
Saylin Fishwitch Elementari Beau Wallace-Mitchell
Skälig Skägg Dwarf Tavern Town Giulio Ragusa
Solis Praeclara Other Camp Of Light Addie Fowler - Admin
Tanotar Half Breeds
Thaddeus J. Smithington-Smythe Human
Tyberos the Red Shifter
Vesir Human
Vessel Human
Vex'ara Sarel Cambion
Wezab - The Mad Nephilim Valar Reborn Stephen J Magi-Sorge
Wyl Rose Belladonna Elementari The Clan Leo Tomossy
Commander Zarel Human
Zofja Faxidòttir Human The Travelling University The Circle Sami Rosz
Zorgrim Orc
Garret Shepard Human Eastwick Brotherhood Jared Moore


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