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"Just so where clear, what I did or didn't do won't impact the truth that is truthfully the truth because only the true truth is truthful from the one telling the truth..."

Togen, Kuro and Neyrin

Togen is a carefree pirate in his late twenties. Arriving in the lands of Geth from beyond the maps he wants nothing more than a ship home. Togen joined the pirate crew of the Brotherhood of the Kraken shortly before their split, when Neyrin and Bünter went off to start new Brotherhood factions. Togen joined The Drowned led by Neryrin Dove.


Togen wears typical pirate attire. A brown coat for the cold and rainy days, black leather armour with a symbol of a skull with tentacles painted on it. A black baldric carrying a cutlass in it, a sword frog hidden behind his coat reveals a second sword he got when he first came to Tavern Town. He has a pistol he's named "Lil Bethy" which he got from Kraken Reach Isles during his travels for a ride home. On his left hand he has a visible tattoo off OPP. (similar symbol of East India Trading Company logo)

There are two piece of attire he holds above all. His famous Red Boot from which he earned the nickname 'Red Boot Togen' and a piece of gold around his neck with a ring hanging off it.


Togen is a natural fighter and after getting lessons from Kuro and help from Neyrin he's learned to heal by receiving power from the Kraken. He uses two swords and a pistol to fight.

However his greatest weapon is his brain and uses it in every situation. (BWAHAHAHA)


  • Togen's real name is Paul.
  • He shot his own pinky toe off.
  • He is a follower of Lokus.
  • He only acts like a fool.
  • His right leg is turning into a tentacle.
  • Is in a secret relationship with Ashaella.
  • Togen still goes by Red Boot Togen


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