"[They have no reason to hurt you.] Some people in this world do not need a reason. That is what scares me."

Saylin exploring her home in the Archonwood, circa 23rd Sowing 635MR

Entering the Weft

Not long after forming from the ocean, Saylin was pursued by the ill-intent of those who dwell off the coast of the Kraken Reach Isles. Moving onto the mainland with only her staff and the hope to secure refuge, she arrived into Guardian Vale with the help of two companions -- Mithrandir and Narriza, a traveling couple who spoke of a place filled with inhabitants coming from all walks of life. Currently, she chooses to remain as undetected as possible, having settled in Taverntown to keep an ear out for any rumour of her arrival.


Saylin enjoying the river in Archonwood

Since entering the Vale and becoming more comfortable with certain folk, especially of those of her own kind but also kind strangers who do not mind her appearance, Saylin has grown more comfortable in her own skin. She no longer hides the sharp points to her ears or the slight salt that forms on her skin. The scales on her torso are on display, occasionally to catching the sunlight and reflecting a blend of bluish-green. Despite the closeness she’s grown with the people of the town, she continues to wrap a bandage around the gills on her neck in fear of recent history repeating itself.

Saylin stands at roughly 5"5' when she straightens her posture, though often she tends to curl her shoulders inwards to assume a less threatening appearance. Her skin it’s fair and thus she attempts to cover it against the heat of the sun. Besides slight silver, blue and green scaling around the sides of her face — there isn’t much to hint at any abnormality. The iris of her eyes shine blueish-green, with bright whites and hues of icy blue. Her freckles dot across the bridge of her nose and cheekbones. Her teeth look aged and somewhat yellow, with two prominent bottom teeth seeming sharper than the rest. Her face is soft and round, very much like a young child’s, though most of the time it rests in a somewhat sullen or nervous expression.

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