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Welcome to the Official Wiki for Scy'kadia, a Sydney-based LARP group that has been running since 2015. Here you will find info relating to our game world and backstory for many of our player-created characters.

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Artist of both map and logo: Jenny Tan

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The World Of Scy'kadia - Information about the world, cultures, inhabitants, and lore of Scy'kadia

Participant Characters - A list of personas portrayed at our games

Factions - Various gangs and warbands found at our games

Game Summaries - Abbreviated recaps of our live action events

FAQ - Common queries answered

Meet The Storytellers - Get to know the current members of the Scy'kadia creative team

A Note From Our Coordinators

Because the Wiki can be edited by players, so they may create and edit pages for their characters/factions, there are a few guidelines in place to avoid confusion and clutter. Firstly, we have locked all pages concerning official canon lore. We also ask that our players avoid making edits or additions, other than pages for their personal character/faction. Unapproved additions will be deleted. If grammatical errors exist, please ask permission from the page owner before making corrections.

Unfortunately we don't get time to check every participant character page created by our players. As such, some of the information found within may contradict established canon. When participating in our games or adding a character to this Wiki always ensure that you have read the official admin-written pages to avoid confusing major details of the game world, such as current rulers, realms, customs, etc.

- The Admin Team.

How To Join

If you wish to join Scy'kadia, head over to our Facebook Group and answer the three membership questions. Once you're a member of the group, you'll have access to our rules, as well as information on events, community activities, and important announcements. One more thing... please go to the files section of the group and read our Code of Conduct before participating in Scy'kadia forums and events.

Last game 2018

Attendees of Game 65, 2018, taken by Matt Hudson