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Standard of the Agrarian Fellowship

Who are the Agrarian Fellowship?

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The Agrarian Fellowship are devotees of Gowlur who serve to nurture the fauna, protect the forests and it’s inhabitants, and fight against those who seek to destroy Gowlur’s domain. The Agrarian Fellowship are aligned with light camp, their tent can be found on the edges of light camp beside a large tree.


Aelon T.W

Cyrus Bergstand


Duine Ar Bith


The History of the Agrarians

The original four brothers

There were four brothers in the beginning, lost and confused they found themselves in the Weft. Two of the brothers disappeared that day, leaving just Cyrus and Aelon alone together in the strange Tavern Town. Who knows where those brothers went, but everybody knows that that was the day which the Agrarian Brotherhood (as previously known) made itself known in the weft.

The Agrarian Way

1. Agrarians are the servants of Gowlur, but we respect and fear all the Greater Gods

2. Our purpose must be to nurture and protect Gowlur’s domain

3. Each member is loyal to the fellowship and to each other

4. Be patient and slow with taking action against others, but when Gowlur’s patience has worn thin, retribution must be ruthless

5. Phlemortis worshipers are our enemy, befriending the enemy will see a member banished from the fellowship