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They research. They craft. They wander around a lot, and sometimes they do fancy magicks!

They are the Good Ship Seasong! Or, the Goodship Seasong. Either is fine.

Whoza Whatsit?

The Good Ship Seasong first arrived in the Weft in mid-648 MR. When they first appeared, the faction was originally comprised entirely of crewmen from the same ship.

The Good Ship Seasong, the eponymous vessel, had been dry docked, for extensive, long-term repairs. Rumors of magic, secrets and treasure in the Weft had made their way down to the coast.

So, rather than sit around for months or years twiddling their thumbs, original crew members Sid, Hollis, Saerina and Dain set off inland, seeking adventure.

And they got it. Ho boy.

What They Are

The Good Ship Seasong have expanded.

No longer do you need to have sailed on the actual ship to join. The Good Ship are a bunch of friendly folk, and always happy to hear out new recruits. They perform magical research, and produce magical items. You don't have to be a mage to join, but it helps.


  • The faction is very much interested in magical knowledge. If learning arcane mysteries is alluring to you, the Good Ship might be right up your ally.
  • You can join, and leave, with no ill-will. However, if you betray from within the ranks, the members will chase you around with weapons.
  • The Good Ship keep their contracts.
  • Members of the Good Ship are expected to look after one another.
  • The faction is not exclusively motivated by gold.
  • At least one member is a dark mage. The faction does not, therefore, allow worshipers of the Greater Gods to join their ranks, as that person will probably either 1) Have their deific boons stripped, or 2) Be ordered to start undermining things from within, neither of which are ideal.


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The Good Ship Seasong are an arcane research group, and fashion premium quality items.

Specifically, they can produce:

  • Enchanted Items
  • Forge Items
  • Alchemical Items
  • Accursed Items

Anyone looking to have items crafted for them should approach and discuss the order with faction member Hollis, or faction member Saerina if Hollis is not available.

Hollis, of the Good Ship Seasong - (Foreground)