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"Semper Quaerens, Semper Vigilans"

Always Searching, Always Vigilant - Motto of the Wardens

Who are the Wardens?

The Wardens of the Vale were formed from the union of the Adventurers League and The Guardians, who banded together after the "tide of Shadow" to protect the Vale from threats both internal and external. They base themselves outside of the Camp of Light, but welcome all into their ranks who believe in protecting the innocent and seeking new horizons.

The Wardens are led by Baleyfayr

Anyone with a thirst for knowledge, justice or love of life will find friends within the ranks of The Wardens. They were law enforcers but due to the overwhelming and sometimes hostile lack of support, even from Light, they have stopped.


  • Baleyfayr
  • Dunkel Totem
  • Sabi (on hiatus)
  • Dahal
  • Filius (on hiatus)


  • Maxwell (dead)
  • Duran Greyhand (left to join SC)
  • Szebastian (left to join Tavern Guard)
  • Vipin (dead)
  • Marinka (left to join Kraken)
  • Mitey (returned home)
  • Theodox (returned home)
  • Clementine (gone)
  • Gilley (left to join Sentinel Guard, now New Dawn)
  • Pan (left to join TT, now Clan)
  • Zarael (left to join Sentinel Guard, now New Dawn)
  • Ranus (dead)
  • Alexius (Baleyfayr's coup)
  • Zanzibar (left to join New Dawn)
  • Fred (Baleyfayr's coup)
  • Athanasius (left to join the New Dawn)