Scy'kadia Wikia

Site of the vanished Weftyril Empire, The Weft is a lawless badland rife with Wild Magic. The landscape is hard to quantify; while the borders remain fairly stable, the inner reaches are prone to transformation. Bizarre weather erupts from nowhere, and landmarks subtly change from visit-to-visit. It takes a ridiculously talented or magical navigator to foray inwards and expect to return. Exiles and refugees have long-attempted to establish themselves in The Weft. As a result, the outskirts are littered with remnants of fortifications, few of which remain inhabited, except by bizarre monsters. Precious little remains of the Weftyril themselves, save for scattered menhirs or walls of blue star-speckled stone. Yet adventurers do uncover the odd relic, and news of these valuable discoveries spreads fast, drawing opportunistic treasure hunters like flies to honey.

Trade Towns

Exile kingdoms are rarely permanent in The Weft; yet inns and taverns prosper. As the last signs of civilization before reaching the Inner Weft, they often become staging points for expeditions. Merchants setup shop beside them, gathering until small eclectic townships take shape.

The Drift Mounts

Levitating mountains, one of the most obvious and wondrous manifestations of The Weft’s arcane oddity; they are difficult to reach, but offer considerable protection from ground-based attackers.

The River Wyrd

Being so far inland, some are shocked to find that pirates and other nautical groups do in-fact make their way Weftward. The River Wyrd flows through much of what used to be Rhuul and creeps across The Weft’s northern border. Though large vessels cannot sail directly into The Weft, this waterway allows for crews to deploy close, and make further ingress via landing vessels. The journey itself is not pleasant, as first sailors must brave the seas and whatever naval forces guard their chosen entrance; then, as they approach The Weft, strange and hostile creatures start to swim in their wake.


The Weftyril were fond of portals, crafting myriad gateways for instantaneous travel throughout their empire. Scores remain, for those who know where to look, but few are active, and of those which are, some lead to perfectly mundane locations… others lead to grave peril.

The Heart Of Weft

The epicenter of the Weftyril Empire is now a kingdom-sized blast crater. An enormous portal stands unmarred within, and is said to have been used in the forging of Ruin. The crater and its surrounds are desecrated with hellish Magic, plagued by sporadic demon incursions. Though the portal appears dormant, it calls insistently to those who serve The Narga.