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A simple depiction of Geth

Scy’kadia (si-kay-dee-ah) is a continent on the world of Geth.

Geth is a world not too dissimilar from our own, assuming ours more closely resembled the folklore of it's ancient and medieval nations. It is orbited by a single sun and three moons; the Ghost, Blood and Dragon moons respectively. Between these astral monuments lie the stars, motes of light scattered by The Weftyril as they fell, to light a darkening world and serve as portents of future events. Geth is oft referred to by its inhabitants as The Mortal Plane.

Beneath it all lies Ruin, the realm of demons, a shadowy reflection of Geth. Mortals are shielded from Ruin’s corrupting influence by Nether, a gloomy, ethereal, barrier-plane populated by souls of the dead.

The elves believe that Magic, which they call Taeyaloo, is Geth's soul given sentience by the long-vanished Weftyril.

Locales Of Scy'kadia

Artwork by Jenny Tan

In-Game Settings

Our regular games are set on the southern border of The Weft, in a place called Guardian Vale. We also hold two weekender events per year, set in The Inner Weft. For more, see In-Game Settings.

The Mortal Realms

These are the lands of Scy'kadia known to mortals. They are listed below followed by their historical and/or literary inspirations. For more, see the links provided.

Arkhos - Medieval Europe, Westeros, Gondor, Bretonnia
Thaedia - Ancient Greece and Rome, Malazan Empire
Frael - Ancient Middle East, Egypt and Africa, Essos, Seven Cities
The Serpent Marshes - Celts, Romani
Vylkland - Viking Scandinavia, Norsca, Skyrim
Kraken Reach Isles - Pirates Of The Caribbean, Umbar
Mureth - Renaissance Europe, Flintlock Fantasy, Camorr
Lo'Quai - Ancient Southeast Asia
Thunder Peaks - Mithral Hall, Erebor, Moria
Green Fang Forest - Athel Loren, Mirkwood, Loth Lorien
Fey Ring Isles - Naggaroth, Tiste Edur Empire, Menzoberranzan, The Skeksis' Castle
Crosslands - Barrow Downs, Great Plain, Riddermark, Dothraki Sea
Isle Of Sulphur - Mordor, Post-Doom Valyria
The Weft - Akanul, Spell Plagued Lands

The Eternal Planes

Outside of Geth, yet bound to it, there are places unfit for mortals. Realms of ghosts, demons, and celestials. For more, see The Eternal Planes.

Ruin - the nine hells, a realm of demons
Nether - the realm of unclaimed souls
Divine Holds - pocket realms formed by The Greater Gods

Lost Realms And Beyond

Nations rise and fall and are forgotten, yet details remain for dedicated scholars to unearth. For more, see Lost Realms.

Rumors exist of uncharted lands, lying past the edge of any map. Beyond encompasses such places; each a player-created locale that has been approved by our admin team.

Playable Species Of Scy'kadia

Here are the available options for character creation. For more, see The Mortal Species.

  • Human – adaptable, tenacious, curious
  • Dwarf – stout craftsmen, stalwart defenders
  • Orc – blunt, opportunistic, tribal
  • High Elf – long lived, mystical, aloof
  • Fallen Elf – ambitious, cunning, exiled
  • Elementari – nature spirits in mortal guise
  • Undead – restless souls in preserved bodies
  • Shifter – bestial shape changers
  • Nephilim – children of mortals and celestial servants
  • Cambion – children of mortals and lesser demons
  • Small Folk – diminutive tricksters
  • Half Orc – orc strength, human ingenuity
  • Half Elf – human drive, elf grace

Magic In Scy'kadia

Feared by many, wielded by few, Magic is a living energy used to transform the world. For more, see Magic.

Religion In Scy'kadia

Scy'kadia is a world in which gods once fought beside mortals, and demons whisper promises of power. None doubt the existence of deities, though day-to-day worship differs from person-to-person. Most mortals revere the deity who best aligns with their desires or daily needs. Others worship only rarely, and will pray for guidance from whomever suits the trial in which they find themselves.

The Gods

The Greater Gods of Scy'kadia, also called The Greater Pantheon, are:

  • Balrof: God of battle and courage
  • Lianda: Goddess of health and freedom
  • Gowlur: God of plants and creatures
  • N'ray & N'rord: Twin goddesses of seas and rivers
  • Rilien: God of luck and trickery
  • Voy’himloc: God of knowledge and secrets
  • Kree: God of death and time
  • Fundun: God of mountains and craftsmanship
  • Zorg: God of hunting and endurance

The Narga

The nine demon lords of Ruin, also called The Narga, are:

  • Gorgos: Lord of bloodlust and murder
  • Zeleel: Lady of lust and greed
  • Phlemortis: Lord of corruption and decay
  • Victrix: Lady of perfection and deviant inspiration
  • Whalash: Lord of concealment and lies
  • Lokus: Lord of chaos and insanity
  • Droqomet: Lord of domination and slavery
  • Trarchor: Lord of nightmares and mutation
  • Juryath: Lord of permanence and invulnerability


Elves enjoy a spiritual connection with Magic, above and beyond all other mortals. For more, see Taeyaloo.

Lesser Deities

Most Scy’kadians pay homage to The Greater Gods (or Narga in secret) yet some choose to worship less prominent beings. For more, see Lesser Gods.

Portents And Possession

Supernatural entities exert their will in myriad ways. Adventurers would do well to acquaint themselves with the communication of such beings. For more, see Portents and Possession.

The Afterlife

In death, souls travel to Nether... unless fate guides them elsewhere. For more, see The Afterlife.


For a simple but complete historical timeline of Scy'kadia, see History Of Scy'kadia.

Passage Of Time

For information on the counting of years and seasons in Scy'kadia, as well as the names of weekdays, and some common festivals, see the Passage Of Time.

Language In Scy'kadia

Each realm has its own languages, often split into a range of local dialects. Those leading a life of trade or adventure tend to communicate via Trader Tongue, also called Common. For more, see Languages Of Scy'kadia.